Dust Control Control Solutions for the Construction and Mining Industry

Mobile Stand Alone CDC 2000-X-200

The CDC 2000-X-200 is an electrically powered Dust collector system specially designed for extreme demands on dust control. Typical applications are construction sites in residential areas or construction sites close to buildings in sensitive environments. Other applications are quarries, open pit mining or underground tunnelling and mining with high demands on dust control in rock drilling or rock cutting operations. The system can advantageously be mounted on a low bed truck for optimal mobility. The system suction drill cuttings and dust from the pick-up-hood housing, through the dust collector to finally dump them in the cuttings container. The cuttings container is emptied with the built-in auger. Up to 20m of suction hose can be used to connect the system with the drilling or cutting machines. The filter cleansing system, based on reversed air technology, can be operated through radio signals. The stand, which carries the dust collector, is equipped with fork lift grips and sling points for increased mobility.
Suction fan: X-200, Electric drive 22 kW, 400 volt 50 Hz
Filter body: X-200
Inlet size: 200 mm (8”) max 20 m hose length.
Filter cleasning system i-clean including 24 V control system (PLC based)
Compressor: Integrated for filter cleaning
Electric power system: Starter cabinet with Frequency converter. 63 Amp connection
Cuttings Container : 2,8 m3 with bottom auger for emptying

Optional equipment:
- 1000V
- Radio Remote control

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