ILMEG CDC 1000 improves productivity when repairing road tunnels in Italy

9/28/2022 News

ILMEG has delivered a number of CDC 1000 stand alone dust collector units to URI in Italy. The CDC 1000 is used in tunnelling repair jobs, with excellent result. Please read the on the job report by clicking the PDF file below.

Case story CDC 1000

Please click the link to open the PDF file with the on the job report.

A  translation of the Italian Article.

Where there is URI there is solution! You will excuse the congruence of the statement with a well known advertising slogan.

However, there is nothing propaganda here. There is, indeed, a reality, that of URIs, in fact, tirelessly interested and available to modulate their own actions on the basis of the needs that, from time to time, customers manifest.

This ability to listen to needs and resolve “Problems” is back in the foreground - and we'll see how – too on a construction site in Liguria.

The Autostrada dei Fiori has scheduled works on fourteen tunnels of the A10, which are located between Savona and Ventimiglia, to adapt them to the standards of the European Commission in safety matters. The interventions are of various kinds. Among them, there are those aimed at solving the defects of the coating of the tunnels, that is deterioration and decay performance of the structure, produced by the inexorable passing weather.

The yard COSTRUZIONI visited the construction site of one of the fourteen galleries, namely the Pompeiana, to witness some phases of the decisive remediation interventions. To take care of the works is the company 4streets, of Trento. Reality business, which we have already encountered (see Construction, November 2019), which, although recently minted (was born in 2016), has already amply demonstrated that it knows how to make contributions decisive in solving thorny work phases on site, promoting, in collaboration with URI, the realization of innovative machinery to solve problems operational, even the most complex, always with an eye to respect for the environment and taking advantage of new technologies digital.

And all this has been translated into practice, with total clarity, too in the construction site of the Galleria Pompeiana, where the 4streets, working as a subcontractor of the consortium CEC, is performing “drilling going to affect the entire arc of the cap ", Luigi Marano tells us, Technical director of the company.

The drilling is followed by the laying of two types of nets electro-welded stainless steel in the shell, to prevent detachment cortical, using a unique aerial platform Tunlift, by Palfinger, with variable geometry with structure pantograph. The laying of self-drilling bolts follows, arranged in quiconce, and containment beams, as aids for deep detachments, which are injected with a innovative system. The latter, powered by big bags of premixed product, provides for dosing, mixing and injection. The system is autonomous, equipped with generator set on a mobile case with lifting plumber. We are also performing “injections with lightened mortar for filling extrados cavities of the cladding. As for the previous one, also for this process there we are using an autonomous plant, equipped with a group generator and placed on a mobile case with lifting hydraulic, which, fed with premixed big-bags, provides for dosing, mixing and injection ”, says Eng. Marco Aurelio Piangatelli, also him under the 4streets. The unprecedented solutions

In the Pompeian Gallery they are performed, as we have seen, perforations throughout the arch of the shell. To make perforations radially, that is to say 360 °, the machines must have of a particular kinematics and, moreover, they must have the ability to load the auctions in a automatic. The two Mori M45 IS hydraulic drilling rigs, very compact means to work in a small space and studied for the execution of nails and holes with self-drilling bars, have therefore been appropriately modified from URI according to the indications of the construction site: it is built an attachment to be able to change the auctions in a automatic, without the contribution of an operator, by increment the safety and efficiency of drilling. As prescribed by the customer (Company Autostrade), dry work must be carried out on the construction site. Because of the absence of water "we had to study a system to be able to adapt a vacuum cleaner to these machines of powders ", says Eng. Carlo Conedera, Manager URI Punching Division. “The 4streets company has us prodded a lot about technological developments ”, he continues Conedera, “and, also in response to these requests, we are managed to propose new solutions for this sector. In cooperation with ILMEG we have studied a system very compact to be able to equip the machines by drilling, also in a modular way, with a deduster fixed, in order to restore the workplace. We were able to carry out the project of a powered box electrically. Automatically, the ILMEG CDC 1000, connected with a hose to the machine by perforation, it sucks up, cleans the filters and discharges the dust". With the dry spray of concrete and with ILMEG suction system has contributed significantly net to increase the quality of work within the construction site: the air is not saturated with suspended dust, because the dust is discharged to the ground, and the use of water is avoided.