ILMEG Introduces a new Moblie Stand Alone Dust Collector System, CDC 2000-X-200


ILMEG Introduces a new Mobile Stand Alone Dust Collector System, CDC 2000-X-200

ILMEG instroduces a new Mobile Stand Alone dust collector. The CDC 2000-X-200 is an electrically powered Dust Collector system specially designed for extreme dust control requirements. Typical applications are construction sites in residential areas or construction sites close to buildings in sensitive environments. Other applications are quarries, open pit mining or underground tunnelling and mining with high requirements for dust control in rock drilling or rock cutting operations.

The system can advantageously be mounted on a low bed truck for optimal mobility.

The system suction drill cuttings and dust from the drilling or cutting point, through the dust collector to finally dump them in the cuttings container.  The cuttings container is emptied with the built-in auger.

"We are pleased to provide this new dust collector solution, robostly designed, for the construction and mining industry" says Magnus Eriksson President ILMEG Products AB. "Demand is increasing for electrically powered mobile dust collector systems in the rock drilling industry. This new design fills a gap in our product range for stand alone dust collectors and provides effecient dust control where the requirements are extreme" Magnus continues.